Welcome to Crosswalk

Crosswalk Church is a casual, relaxed gathering of diverse people of all ages following Jesus and serving those around us. There's a place for you here, because we're all a part of God's family.

At Crosswalk, we act out our faith with three things. We gather with our friends, we walk with Jesus, and we go make a difference. We believe that together is the best way to learn and increase our faith, and that the best way to serve our corner of the world is by each others side.

Come visit us in Columbia at 8940 Route 108 every Sunday at 9:30am for modern worship.

We hope you join us at Crosswalk. Together we will grow in faith while

using our gifts to engage an ever-changing community.

This is Crosswalk

We believe that everyone should be able to explore the questions they have about God, without stereotypes or judgments. Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, Crosswalk is a safe place to ask the challenging questions. Our community is designed to provide time for questions, prayer, and discovery while working with their friends and neighbors to serve in the Baltimore-Washington region.

What we Believe

At Crosswalk, what we believe about God is four simple things. We believe in the Cross, Word, Water, and Table.

We believe that the reason Jesus, the son of God, came to Earth as a man was to die on the cross. We are all sinners who deserve to die, but by giving up his life Jesus paid the price for our sins. We are forgiven by believing that he died on the cross to pay our debt and came back to life, and that forgiveness allows us to live forever with our God who has rescued us

We believe that the Bible is God's actual word that have been given and passed down through the ages for us. We believe these words are as applicable to us as they were to those who originally received them. We believe that Jesus is the living embodiment of that word, and that he is eternal along with God the father and the Holy Spirit. God, Jesus, and the Spirit together we call the trinity, and we believe that they are inseperable yet distinctly the same God, and that how this happens is a mystery we cannot understand.

By believing in God and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we receive that    forgiveness of our sins through the waters of baptism. We believe the Holy Spirit performs this action in us through these waters. In baptism, God has delivered to us all of the benefits of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Baptism is a gift from God for all people of all ages.

We believe that we remember our forgiveness by participating in the eating of bread and drinking of wine at the communion table. We believe that the bread and wine are Jesus' body and blood which Jesus sacrificed on the cross, and that by receiving them and believing in their power we also receive forgiveness of our sins. We don't know how or why the bread and wine become Jesus' body and blood, but we believe the words of Jesus that said that it was so. Just like Jesus shared this act with his followers, we remember this shared table every week as he told us to do through his word.