Our Leaders

  • Suah Deddeh - Pastor

    Pastor Suah S. Deddeh was installed at the Crosswalk Lutheran Church January 6, 2024. He has served in pastoral leadership for over ten (10) years. He lives in Laurel, MD with his wife Theresa. They have two adult daughters.

  • Mike Stevenson - Music Director

    Mike Stevenson has been a part of worship teams for the better part of 15 years. He joined the Crosswalk team in April of 2022, and lives in Abingdon with his wife Kaitlin, his two children, and three cats Minke, Duck, and Buddy.

  • Kate Frazier - President of the board

    Kate has been a member of Crosswalk Lutheran Church since 2005.  She sings with the praise team and previously served as the Treasurer. Kate is wife to Victor and mom to three grown sons.

  • Greg Jose - Board member

    Greg Jose has been a member of Crosswalk for more than five years. He has served as the board secretary and president and is a member of the tech team. Greg is married to Emily and has three young children.

  • Pam Anderson - Board Member

    Pam Blackwell Anderson is married to Tony and has two grown children. She has been a member of Crosswalk Lutheran Church for several years.  She currently serves as coordinator for Sunday school, Children's Church, and works with the young adults who lead the Youth Crew.  In addition she assists the Pastor, as needed, with care for the congregation. 

  • Steve Sendelbach - Board Member

    Steve Sendelbach has been a member of Crosswalk Church for nearly a decade since moving to Columbia from the midwest after graduate school. He is currently a member of the church board as well as leader of the tech team. When not behind the soundboard, he can often be seen chasing behind one of his 3 children under the age of 5.

  • Carl schroeder - Board Member

    A member of Crosswalk for a little over a decade, Carl serves as our treasurer. He lives in Ellicott City with his wife and two daughters.

  • Claire Pacifico - Board Member

    Claire Pacifico has been a member since 1981. She has 2 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. Since her husband’s death in 2021, she has lived with her mini daschund, Strudel. She is co-chair of the church’s care team.

  • NazilY zaza - Youth Leader

    Nazily Zaza has been a member of Crosswalk since 2012 and has been serving as one of the leaders of the Youth Crew for the past year. He helps to mentor and teach the high school and college aged students at Crosswalk while also participating on the Crosswalk board meetings and acting as an intermediary between the youth and adults of the church.