Sundays at Crosswalk

Sundays at Crosswalk are an opportunity to gather together in a relaxed environment to spend time experiencing God's ancient truths through creative, modern expression. Everyone is welcome to share this time as we celebrate with Jesus.

Each Sunday begins and ends with an upbeat mix of current music and updated classics. We share our faith through prayer, reading God's Word, and dining at the Communion table. Finally, we participate in a lesson that's applicable to our lives today to help us in our walk with Jesus. Afterward, we enjoy a snack time with our friends and have the opportunity for further study.

Join us every Sunday at 9:30AM, both at our Columbia worship center and online. Afterward, continue to gather with your friends over snacks or a meal, and walk with Jesus in our Adult Bible Study and Youth Sunday School which starts approximately at 10:45am.

How to Get Here

Here's how to get to Crosswalk.

VIP Parking

We provide VIP Parking for all new visitors to Crosswalk!

Make sure to put your hazards on to alert parking attendants and they will escort you to our VIP Area.

All first-time visitors will visit the "New to Crosswalk" welcome area to receive special information and a personal escort of the facility before the start of service. 

Go make a difference

Sunday is only the beginning. Our goal to bring the kingdom of Heaven to every street in the region starts with service to other. Come see our opportunities, we'd love you have you join us.